Wednesday 10 July 2013

Sports Land Group

The sports business means many different things to different people. This is a truly global industry, and sports stir up deep passion within spectators and players alike in countries around the world. To one person, sports are a venue for gambling; to another, they are a mode of personal recreation and fitness, be it skiing, cycling, running or playing tennis. To business people, sports provide a lucrative and continually growing marketplace worthy of immense investments. To athletes, sports may lead to high levels of personal achievement, and to professionals, sports can bring fame and fortune. To facilities developers and local governments, sports are a way to build revenue from tourists and local fans. Sports are deeply ingrained in education, from elementary through university levels. Perhaps we cannot state with confidence that sports enrich the lives of all of us, but they certainly entertain a huge swath of the world’s population. In addition to economic impact, the largest single effect that sports create is that of gripping entertainment: hundreds of millions of fans around the globe follow sports daily, whether via radio, television, printed publications, online or in person, as spectators or participants.
A highly skilled and experienced manufacturing work force together with 60,000 sq. ft of covered production area gives us the capacity for the necessary expansion of our business and execute very large orders in the shortest possible turned around time. By giving meticulous attention to details in every aspect of our business and thought continuous improvement, we have been benchmarked as one of the best among the sports industry. We stand behind our products quality with 100% guarantee against all manufacturing faults within 12 months.

Sports Land Group is committed to helping people and communities across the country create sporting habits for life. This means investing in organizations and projects that will get more people playing sport and creating opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport. This will work to increase the number of people who play sport regularly and we aim to make lives better through sport.
Our new Youth and Community strategy will have:
  • Helped more people acquire a sporting habit for life.
  • Created more opportunities for young people to play sport.
  • Nurtured and developed talent
  • Provided right facilities in the right places
  • Supported local authorities and unlocked local funding

Sports performance programs are quickly finding their place in the health/fitness industry. With the expansive growth of youth sports participation, facility operators are beginning to incorporate this new service into their overall programming mix. While there is no doubt that there is enough demand for such programs to justify such a program at your facility. By offering sports performance programs at your facility, you can play an important role in helping youth to build the basic components of fitness that allow for enhanced sports performance. By using proven strategies for safely developing agility, speed, strength and core stability, these programs can assist young people in reaching new performance heights in a safe manner.

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